Chorla ghat - A place of untamed tropical forest and a rich biodiversity.

Relish the captivating colors of Goa culture with a visit to the enriching virtual pleasure of Chorla Ghat!

Located above the Belgaum and Panjim plains at an elevation of 792m above the sea level and at the north eastern end of Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra borders, Chorla Ghat gives you the pleasure treasure feel of Amazon forests. Chorla Ghat is near to Goa but part of Maharashtra.

With the beautiful valleys, panoramic cliffs and thick tropical forest, this region has a fabulous serendipity. Under monsoon cover, the whole region of Chorla takes a replication of paradise. Misty atmosphere along with the gushing waterfalls and passing by breeze gives Chorla roads and this whole location a heavenly makeover.

Waters of the splendid Malprabha River originates from the hill top of Chorla Ghat. Numerous waterfalls gushing down the valleys of Chorla Ghat make a mesmerizing charisma that you will cherish forever.

Chorla foliage makes an incredible supplement to serene beaches, churches and temples of Goa. Amidst the bushy floors and forest canopy, you can enjoy a fabulous trekking time.

You can't resist yourself falling in love with this serenity and rich biodiversity

Travelling to Chorla Ghat:

Chorla ghat is in close vicinity to the north Goa beaches. If you are staying in the Baga beach region, Chorla will make a magnetizing drive for you.

By Air: Dabolim Airport in north Goa is the nearest checkpoint for you after which you will have to proceed to the Chorla Ghat via roads. Even Goa airport (100km) is not too far off from Chorla.

By Railways: While travelling via railroads, Thivim (40km) will make your last stoppage. After arriving Thivim station, further you will have to take the road route.

By Roads: Chorla has good road connectivity. Chorla lies on the highway NA4. NA4 as the connecting route to Chorla though makes a longer way, but is safer all the more.

In a hurry to shorten the miles people often take the shortcut route to Chorla via Jamboti. This route is highly unadvisable. First 20kms the roads support you, but as soon as you enter Karnataka in town of Jamboti the roads get ugly. Flares of soil makes the visibility poor and you cannot help yourself covering your mouth and eyes. These roadways worsen further after Kanakumbhi. Finally in a total of 3 hours drive, you enter the smooth roads of Goa. So if you are driving down to Chorla yourself, avoid this route.

Distance of Chorla from major cities:

Panjim 72 km, Mapusa city: 57 km, Sankali: 27km, Belgaum, (80km), Mumbai (550km) and Pune (450km).

Best Places to Stay

Submerged in the perching foliage of tropical forest, your stay in the Chorla Ghat will revitalize you energies. While looking for the most lavish stay, following are the best places to check in there:

  • Wildernest Nature Resort is a fabulous place to stay in.
  • Swapnagandha Resort is the sister concern of Wildernest Resort.

Below are other attractive stay options within a cover of 30km from Chorla Ghat:

  • Hotel Mayura
  • Casa Britona
  • Casa Colvale

Moving a bit farther, you can also opt for: Ginger Goa; Angels Resort; Hotel Orion and many more..

Best Tourist Attractions

Chorla Ghat no doubt is a paradise during monsoon. Thick forest spread all across the Chorla ghats making it further a place to visit. Owing to such a huge biodiversity, The Nature Conservation Facility has also been established for research and monitoring of the Western Ghats. Waterfalls of varied heights at Chorla are one of the major tourist attractions. Evening trips to the highest points will give you a rejuvenating pleasure. Folk dance and conjugated cuisines of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra give you an epitomic delight. Following is a list of major tourist checkpoints in this region:

Folk dance and conjed cisines of Goa, Karnataka and Mahrashtra give you an epng on the delighting thile youull of weed fragrance gotic feeli tourist checkpoints in this reg

  • Peak of Lasni Temb offers you a splendid trekking and mountaineering options.
  • Twin Vajra Waterfalls is a pleasure to watch
  • Dandelli forest (70km) nestled in the deep rainforests of rippling Kali River gives an awesome view of the valleys and waterfalls. White water rafting and other mountain adventures are very alluring here.
  • Anjunem Dam and Dharan, located on the Sanquelim-Belgaum highway also make a good tourist attraction.
  • Nature Conservation Facility enriching the Chorla ghat established for the research and monitoring of Sahyadri region of Western Ghats and its bio diversity.
  • This platform makes a fabulous abode for the ecologists and naturalists.
  • Around 150 varieties of birds inhabiting the valleys along with innumerable varieties of Moths, Butterflies, Spiders and other insects make an enchanting lust.
  • Dudhsagar waterfalls make a splendid picnic point.
  • Baga region, Calangute is the nearest beach to Chorla Ghat.

Activities to get indulged into:

  • Jungle Safari
  • Nature foot trail
  • Jungle walks and soft trekking
  • Treks and hike
  • Machans and hike
  • Swimming
  • Sightseeing and walking down to waterfalls
  • Bird watching
  • Butterfly watching
  • Sport Fishing

Nearby Attractions

Karwar islands, Devbagh, Vagheri peaks, Amboli, Aravelam rock caves

Best Time to Visit Chorla Ghat

May-October is the most favorable season. In summer though the atmosphere is heated up, but the dense forest canopy still succeeds in keeping you and comfortable. Taking a trip down there in monsoon, you will have you wish of getting a view of paradise quenched...