Places to visit in Goa

Goa is home to a number of scenic places, beaches, Portuguese forts, wildlife sanctuaries and fishing hamlet that are worth visiting during your holiday. Among the plenty of places to see in Goa, tourists, couples and adventure lovers plan their sightseeing tour according to their interest. For some, the beaches, waterfalls and spice plantations are top attractions while others love the historical forts and churches. Among the prominent cultural attractions of Goa are the museums and art galleries located mostly in Panjim. presents a list of recommended places of visit in Goa.

Scenic places to visit in Goa

Divar Island, Dudhsagar Falls, Kuskem Waterfall, Bat Island are some of the most picturesque places in Goa. The Divar Island is easily accessible from Old Goa and cruises take you across River Mandovi to this island. The Narao Village and Mayem Lake are the main things to see around Divar Island.

he hill top church of Our Lady of Compassion is one of the oldest houses of prayer in the region. There is also a Ganesh Temple. The Dudhsagar Waterfall is around 60 km drive from Panaji and a place of unrivaled beauty and has an altitude of 603 meters. The water is milky white (Dudh Sagar) and the place is an ideal picnic spot. 2 km away from the Sinquerim Beach is the Arvalam waterfall.

Historical places to visit in Goa

The forts and monuments in Goa are top historical places of visit especially for their rich history, architecture and heritage. Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Tirakol Fort, Cabo de Rama and Alorna Fort to the charts. Other noted places are Lamgau Caves, Nanus Fort, Panjim Bridge and the ruins of Colvale Fort. European tourists and those from United Kingdom frequent the British Cemetery in Goa. Built in 1802, it is the oldest cemetery belonging to the Napoleonic age. Fort Aguada is the largest citadel and an important city landmark. There are iron doors, prisoner's cell and the lighthouses are important attractions of the fort.

Goa is well known for its Churches. Both Catholic and Protestant order are prevalent. The churches are noted for their architecture and interior décor. All of them have traces of Portuguese structural design. The church in Mae de Dens has a Gothic set up. The famous churches of the state are:

  • The Se Cathedral
  • The Rachol Seminary
  • Church of St.Francis of Assisi
  • Church of our lady of Rosary
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus

You cannot miss visiting Calangute, Anjuna, Colva, Miramar, Vagator and Baga beaches in Goa. The coastline divides the state in north and south. Beaches in north Goa are ever-bustling with tourists and known for their sizzling night parties and day-time adventure sports. While, south Goa beaches are peaceful and are known for their sublime beauty. Goa's posh hotels, clubs, pubs and restaurants are situated along the beaches making them hot spot of tourist activities. You can relax and unwind at the coconut groves near the beaches and couples indulge in sunbathing.

  • Miramar Beach
  • Arambol Beach
  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Arjuna Beach

Though there is a vast coastline, Goa is also home to a variety of flora and fauna species. Situated along the Western Ghats, Goa has several wildlife parks meant for conservation of the local animal, bird and reptile species. Sanctuaries and wildlife parks are also worth visiting in Goa.

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhagvan Mahavir Sanctuary

One of the most exciting places to visit in Goa is the series of Hindu temples. Goa is a meeting ground of several cultural influences. The architecture of hotels and churches reflect English patterns. On the other hand, prevalence of Hindu temples shows profound Indian influence. Given below are a set of temples that are worth visiting:-

  • Brahman Temple
  • Shri Damodar Temple
  • Shri Datta Mandir
  • Shri Bhagavati Temple
  • Shri Chandreshwar Temple
  • Shri Gomanteshwar Temple
  • Devaki - Krishna Temple

Festivals and carnivals venues are exciting places to visit in Goa. You can be a part of Goan celebrations. Some of these carnivals take place in exotic beaches. You can see various dance forms that the state has. The noteworthy cultural dance forms that you must see in these festivals are as given below:-

  • Goff-folk Dance
  • Corredinho-Portuguese Folk Dance
  • Tonyamel Veerbhadra
  • Bhandap
  • Dhangar Dance
  • Mussal-Khel-Pestel Dance
  • Perani Jagar
  • Kunbi Dance
  • Suvari Folk Music
  • Mando

Goa is ideally suited for plenty of water sport activities. Some of the water sports options in which you can participate are given below:-

  • Water Skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Wind Surfing

Goa records a subtropical climate with a hot and humid weather throughout the year. The summers record high temperatures. Winters are generally short. During monsoons the state witnesses rains from June to September. The winter months last from December to February.