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Goa for Women Travelers

Goa is a safe destination tour for all women. Every year hundreds of women travelers visit Goa and Have a great time! Some safety measures and precautions should be taken by all women to avoid any unwanted problem. All women travelers visiting Goa should be alert of frauds and touts. Try to maintain a safe distance and do not mingle with strangers. It is better to wear modest clothes other than revealing outfits, which might attract strangers. Wear your beach swim wear while you are on the beach. Take the help from lifeguards if needed rather than from any other men.

Avoid showing any affection in beach or public places. A mere hello or namaste with your arms folded is acceptable. Do not wear skimpy clothes as India is still conservative and revealing clothes are not appreciated.

Do not accept any sexual advances from anybody. You may run at a risk of getting infected with deadly viruses. It is unsafe for women to venture outside in a street party. Street parties on holidays generally don't consist of women. Men are seen partying at such occasions. Women, in these parties, can be subjected to groping and sexually aggressive behavior from the inebriated males.

While you are traveling try and ask for women reserved seats. It is advisable not to roam around alone at night in beach or streets.

While eating out drink mineral water and good quality foods. Eat those food items, which seem to be familiar to you. Do not go for experiments while eating alone.

Beware of touts and frauds and exchange your money with Banks or hotel desk. Accommodation at Goa is very safe and secure. Lock your door and windows before sleeping. Do not smoke or drink in public places. Do not trade for any drugs in Goa; it might land you in jail.

Carry a proof of identity with you. Do not leave your things unattended. Try to get friendly with a reliable source.

While shopping for goods do not forget to bargain well. Traders quote double the price and try to cheat you. Be alert and conscious.

Make your journey safe and smooth. If you face trouble then lodge your complain in local police station. Carry good number of cotton clothes and sun tan lotions. Avoid walking barefoot and apply creams and moisturizer if need. If you want to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul go for herbal ayurvedic massage from trained female attendant. provides information about Tips for Women Travelers and online booking facilities for Tours to Goa.

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