Churches in Goa

Churches in Goa are architectural excellence still reminding tourists of its former glory. Origination of most churches is traced to the 16th and 17th century when Goa had its Portuguese settlements. The zeal with which Christianity sipped into Goa speaks volumes about the marvels that are among the top attractions here. gives you factual details on the top churches and cathedral that gives Goa a place on the global tourist map.

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  • Fact File: Situated in Old Goa and a World Heritage Site
  • Reason of visit- Body of St Francis Xavier rests here
  • History: St Francis Xavier cam to India with the purpose of spreading Christianity, this church of "good Jesus" has his remains preserved for public view. This church is also popular for its architecture with a height of 50 feet. Giovanni Battista Foggini is named the architect of the cathedral.

  • Fact File: Distance of 9-10 km from the capital city of Panaji
  • Reason of visit- The stunning interiors reflecting the Tuscan style and famous for its "Golden Bell."
  • History: Se Cathedral in Goa was constructed during 1619, the largest of its kind in Asia. This church remains dedicated to St Catherine.

  • Fact File: Enormous size and opulent architecture reflects the belief and richness of the churche.
  • Reason of visit: The primary purpose of this church was to serve the spiritual needs of Portuguese sailors and merchants stopping by Goa on their way to home or before proceeding to their journey further southwards.
  • History: The great golden bell, revered as the Bell of Inquisition was originally the part of the Church of Our Lady of Grace, Old Goa. It was brought to this church in 1841, when Panjim was established as the new capital of Goa.

  • Fact File: One of the older churches situated close to Panaji. It is famous for hosting the second largest church bell in the world.
  • Reason of visit: The grand bell, and statues of St Paul and St Peter, and grand interiors after renovations
  • History: Constituted in 1541, the grand bell that belonged to the Church of Our Lady of Grace in Goa was transferred to this church. Today, it is the main attraction.

  • Fact File: This was the first Indian church to be raised to the status of a minor basilica in the year
  • Reason of visit: Divinity of this chapel settles down directly into your heart giving you the divine experience that you never had before.
  • History: St. Francis Xavier along with St. Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. He was amongst the first seven Jesuits. He has visited Goa in the year 1542, at the command of his teacher St. Ignatius Loyola. Staying back at Goa for four rainy months he preached the Goans. St. Francis Xavier is commonly called 'Goencho Saab' (Lord of Goa) and Goan devotion to St. Francis Xavier is deep across the whole length of Goa.

  • Fact File: the oldest Church is dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The huge Convent of Santa Monica, dating from 1606, was the first Nunnery in Asia.
  • History:The Rachol Seminary in South Goa has a chequered past. Originally a Muslim fortress it was first converted by the Portuguese into a church and later into a prison.

  • Fact File: This church used to be one of the most renowned educational institutions of India, which offered education from primary to specialized and doctorate degrees.
  • History: Started in 1541, after lots of hard efforts of the two holy priests, construction of the church came to completion on 25th January, 1543. Church's completion is also regarded as the special day as the day of its final finishing.

  • Fact File: The Reis Magos church is a part of the famous and splendid Reis Magos fort, and the church was built soon after the fort was constructed.
  • History:Reis Magos church is also known for its legendary association to the various Franciscan dignitaries. The church was then used for missionary purposes.

Other popular churches in Goa

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