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Handicrafts of Goa

Handicrafts of Goa are the most valuable assets of the beach state, which are not only ethnic, but their creative merit surpasses many costly trendy items of the present age. Goanese are very good at carving out showpieces out of natural stuff like coconut husk or palm leaves.

To fulfill a tourist's wish to shop for exclusive Goan crafts, a plethora of items are made under the tutelage of the Goa Rural Handicrafts and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation. The items made by these craftsmen in Goa are made available at the Handicrafts Emporium in Panjim, tourist hotels, and other souvenir hubs.

Places where you can shop are

 -  Gulf Supermarket
 -  Handicrafts & Silk Emporium
 -  Maganlal Changi
 -  Institute of Nossa Senhora de Piedade
 -  Magsons Supercentre
 -  Treasure trove
 -  Velho & Filhos Shopping Centre
 -  Hotel Silver Sands

Goa does not lag behind as far as local arts and crafts are concerned and with the superb craftsmanship of the local artisans has managed to carve out a niche for itself in this highly competitive field.

Different items available are:

 -  Colorful Masks
 -  Cotton Bags
 -  Wooden Toys
 -  Shopping Bags
 -  Table Mats
 -  Terracotta And Brass Items
 -  Chandeliers
 -  Sea Shell Mirrors
 -  Sea Shell Idols

The major art forms of the state include:

 -  Pottery & Terracotta
 -  Bamboo craft
 -  Woodcarving
 -  Brass metal ware
 -  Crochet and embroidery
 -  Seashell craft
 -  Papier-Mache
 -  Wooden lacquer ware
 -  Fiber Craft
 -  Jute Macrame Craft

Other important crafts are:

 -  Jute Macrame
 -  Fabric Collage
 -  Plaster of Paris
 -  Fiber and Batik prints
 -  Fiber stone carving
 -  Coconut shell carving
 -  Metal embossing
 -  Silver and imitation jewelry
 -  Cotton dolls, soft toys, woolen tapestry
 -  Artistic weaving.

Goa Hub presents a special feature on Handicrafts of Goa, all for you. Help yourself with the information to make your stay in Goa the most enjoyable one. For any further enquiry please fill up the form given on the site.

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