Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba diving is the best way to discover the marine life and have the experience of being the closest to the aqua world. This water sport in Goa has gained prominence among couples, single travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Being supervised by trainers and experts, scuba diving in Goa is not a risky sport and availed by non-swimmers. Scuba diving is a prominent form of water sports activity in the seas of Goa. Tourists visiting during the state during the month of May to October avail the facilities for scuba diving in Goa. There are several scuba diving training and service centers situated in Panjim, Candolim, Calangute and Margao. These service units offer multiple packages varying with their site and time you want to spend in the waters. They will also supply you with special equipments and guide. You will pass by shells, fishes and attractive corals and discover Goa's underwater wealth during scuba diving excursions.

Where to do Scuba Diving in Goa

Limited visibility and underwater pollution often makes scuba diving difficult in Goa. There are special zones that are under maintenance and facilitate scuba diving under expert guidance. The top diving sites in Goa are:

Urbo Tunnel -This is a narrow channel known to have strong currents. The site is not suitable for scuba diving if you are not an expert. The shallow nature of water makes it more difficult.

Bounty Bay -Trainee divers can well explore the place where cuttlefish and nurse shark are seen in plenty. The depth here is just around 6 meters.

The Jetty -In the north western part of Grand Island is The Jetty and is known to be a shallow site having a depth of 8 meters. Lionfish and beautiful corals are the main attractions here.

Sail Rock -If you want to swim beside the tuna, sharks and other big variety fishes, plan your scuba diving session at Sail Rock. The depths here range from 6-20 meters. It is really a very adventurous Scuba Diving Spot in Goa.

Davy Jones Locker -Barracudas, tuna, mullets and aquatic plants make it a popular diving zone.

Shelter Cove -Another place that beginners opt for scuba diving in Goa waters is Shelter Cove. Angelfish, damsels and hawksbill turtles are found in abundance here.

Suzy's Wreck -This is considered the best diving site having a 30 meter of long metal wreck with the maximum water depth of 12 meters. The area is famous for lionfish, sergeant major, sweet lips, parrotfish, sea fans and batfish. It is a great place for first-time divers.

Best Time For Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba diving season in Goa is between May to October. The water is placid during this time and the diving sites maintain there actual water depths.

More Scuba diving spots in Goa
  • Tunnel Shelter Cove
  • Locker Sail Rock
  • Dona Paula jetty
  • Grande Islands
  • Devagh Island
  • St. George Island
  • Pigeon Island
  • Davy Jones Locker
  • Uma Guma Reef
  • Jetty at the Grand Island
Scuba diving for non - swimmers

A non-swimmer should follow a number of instructions before scuba diving. It should be done under strict supervision of a trainer. Do not take any chances if you are not physically fit or there is any phobia or fear related to water or diving to depths.

The Arabian Sea in its many phases has given marine life preservation and tourists take every opportunity to explore it. The placid waters of Goa would seem full of thrill and fun when you have the dolphins and fishes passing by you. Many resorts of Goa have come forward in offering assistance and guide for scuba diving in Goa waters.

The unlimited fun package begins with you doing more than splashing the waves. Scuba diving comes with you going to the top spots for scuba diving in Goa with your instructor and guide. Adventure lovers are recommended to take the instructions of the guide seriously. Dona Paula jetty is a popular place where tourists are seen excited over their chance to go on a diving tour undersea. Besides the marine life, the corals, plants, weeds, and shells are part of your discovery. You can collect attractive weeds as well. Excitements get double when you have first-hand experience of using the diving equipments. Diving facility is available little away from the shores. A speedboat happened to drop you mid-sea and usually in a group. See the aqua treasures and experience another delightful side of Goa.

Cost of scuba diving

2 dives, full equipments and boat service starts around INR 2,500 in peak season. The price varies from one site to another.

Last Updated on:February 17, 2012

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