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Mayem Lake in Goa

Mayem Lake in Goa

Mayem Lake in Goa, a charming tiny lake is situated at Mayem near Bicholim, in Bicholim taluka, North Goa. It lies at about 35kms from the city of Panaji. It is quite a popular picnic spot as well as a hot favorite visiting arena for the tourists. Fame of the lake has eventually increased with the introduction of the boating facilities at the lake. For lodging purposes GTDC has built cottages in the area.

What else to do:

Scenic Surroundings and Boating are the key tourist attractions of the place.
This non-natural lake is bounded by undulating emerald hills. Even those who are interested in experiencing a bit of the rural Goa, the village nearby can excel with a lifetime experience in Mayem. Rural Goa is more prolific than the busy city of Panaji or nearby Mapusa or even Margoa.

Why Mayem Lake:

People are fond of places like Mayem Lake: a tranquil spread of water with birds and pedal boats overlooking the cottages hidden in the wooded slopes.

So.Goa has much to offer to the visitors apart from its exotic beaches and azure sky, other than its exuberant discos and liberal night lives. The waterfalls in Goa are said to add versatility to its beauty and charm as Goan Waterfalls are an added appeal to its flora and fauna.

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Goa Hub presents a special feature on Goa Mayem Lake , all for you. Help yourself with the information to make your stay in Goa the most enjoyable one. For any further enquiry please fill up the form given on the site.

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