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Goa nestles in-between the hills of the Western Ghats on the East, Arabian Sea to the West, Maharashtra's coastline to the North and Karnataka's coastline to the South. A tiny territory of 3500sq km, it is breathtaking to gaze at the hills covered with cashew nut, jackfruit and mango grooves, its beautiful glittering rivers edged with miles of sun drenched beaches.

Goa is typically known for its long stretched golden beaches, swaying coconut palms and delicious seafood. This Portuguese colony offers you a lilting dreamy atmosphere not just because of its warm climate but for its feni, a locally brewed drink made from cashew or coconut complemented with a mando(love song) and the strains of guitar floating in the coastal breeze overlapped with the rhythmic sound of waves.

Goa Tours will not only give you a glimpse of an unique culture with its characteristic music and dances but will help you unwind in its natural bounty and languid atmosphere.

Goa Mumbai Beach Tour
7 Nights/ 8 Days

Enchanting beaches of Goa, mesmerizing Kerala backwaters and the land rich with ancient heritage in Mumbai welcomes you on a tour of a lifetime. A journey to these excellent destinations of south-western region lets you unwind and experience nature's beauty to the fullest.

Destination: Periyar - Cochin - Goa - Mumbai

Goa and Exotic Kerala Tour
10 Nights/ 11 Days

Goa is the one of the popular tourist destinations in India and every year more than 4 lakh tourists from India and abroad come here. On the other hand, Kerala is regarded as God's Own Country.

Destination: Goa - Cochin - Munnar - Thekkady - Kumarakom - Alleppey - Cochin.

Goa Beach Honeymoon Tour
5 Nights/ 6 Days

Goa is one of the honeymoon hot spots in India mainly popular for its pristine beaches, picturesque locales, adventure sports, night parties and a number of shopping destinations. Goahub.com offers Goa Beach Honeymoon Tour for couples from India and abroad.

Destination: Mumbai - Goa

Tour to Goa - Goan Carnival
7 Nights/ 8 Days

Goa Carnival is one of the popular and colorful festivals of India. Full of fun, excitement, amusement, and merrymaking, the Goan festival calls all the party lovers. St. Francis Xavier's feast is popular in Goa and people visit churches on the carnival day.

Destination: Mumbai - Goa - Cochin

Golden Triangle with Goa Tour
8 Nights/ 9 Days

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are popularly referred to as the Golden Triangle of India. It is an important tourist circuit in northern India and these cities are host to a number of historical monuments, forts and cultural attractions.

Destination: Delhi - Agra - Goa - Jaipur

Mangalore Goa Beach Tour
6 Nights/ 7 Days

This vacation, explore the southern surprises and bask in the beauty of some of the splendid locations in Goa and Mangalore. The tour is sure to be a memorable experience with Goahub.com planning a trip to some of the resplendent locations in south western India.

Destination: Mangalore - Coodapoor - Karwar - Goa - Mangalore

Mumbai Goa Tour
5 Nights/ 6 Days

Mumbai and Goa are two most visited destinations in India. Known for their natural charm and various manmade attractions, these south-western regions have lots to offer apart from great locations and accommodations.

Destination: Mumbai - Goa - Mumbai

Mumbai Goa Cochin Tour
6 Nights/ 7 Days

Explore Mumbai, Goa and Cochin in a unique way with us. The Mumbai Goa Cochin Tour will give you a chance to see beaches, commercial centers along with old churches and monuments.

Destination:Mumbai - Goa - Cochin – Mumbai


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