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North Goa Discos

Goa the beach state situated in south western India excels in its manifestation of modernity. Goa is quite advanced with respect to night life.

Yes the travelers, chunk of who are from western culture has got nothing to lose as it is said that Goa is very much like Paris, London or any other western lead cities in so far as its Night life is concerned.

The dazzling nightlife of Goa begins as the sun sets out. with the fall of dusk Goa starts breathing afresh with lots of music, raves, boozes and dance.

Discotheques  -  Location

Tito's  -  Baga Beach
Bob's Inn  -  Calangute Beach
Bamboo Forest  -  Anjuna Beach
Paradisio  -  Anjuna Beach
Hill Top  -  Vagator Beach
Shores Bar  -  Anjuna Beach
The Log Cabin  -  Calangute Beach
Sportsman's Bar  -  Calangute Beach
Paraiso de Anjuna  -  Anjuna Beach
Franci's Bar  -  Anjuna Beach
Guru Bar  -  Anjuna Beach
Pete's Bar  -  Calangute Beach

Almost all of these above bars and pubs have discotheque arrangements as well.

Features of the North Goa discotheques:

 -  Efficient DJs
 -  Loads of Music
 -  Lots of drinks
 -  Heaps of fun and frolic
 -  Plenty of Dance
 -  Theme Parties
 -  Trance music in some
 -  Flamboyant decoration
 -  Liberalistic ambience

Discos in Goa
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 - Club Extreme Disco

Goa Hub presents a special directory of North Goa Discos, all for you. Help yourself with the information to make your stay in Goa the most enjoyable one. For any further enquiry please fill up the form given in the site.

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