Hill Top Disco Goa

Hill top disco is a nighttime entertainment zone mainly around the beaches of Anjuna, Calangute and Vagator. Trance music and open parties are the main features of Hill Top disco Goa. The crowd at these discotheques is the hippies who are found of the trance music that originated in Goa during 1960s. Today, trance music shows are the specialty of any Goan party even held in the clubs, pubs or beaches. There are bands such as Mushrooms who specialize in creation of trance-techno songs that rocks the night crowd.

Increase in number of tourists has helped the hill top discotheques in Goa gain prominence. Held in the open or surrounded by palm trees, there is a large dancing floor, DJ live music and unlimited drinks. Food such as grill and seafood are also served at this discos often. The crowd in the peak season is more and weekends are no exception to a fun-filled night. Some of the striking features of the hill top discos are - they are open throughout the night, trance music, liberal drinking, both men and women enjoy can join them.

The Hill Top Festival is one of the popular events at the Vagator Beach. The Alcove in Vagator is considered as a hard-core party zone. Temptation disco is another place to enjoy hard-rock music. The Hill Top Club is a unique place to enjoy the nights in Goa. You can check in for sipping the best wines and party until you are tired enough to get back to the hotel.

But whatever it might be this Hill Top Disco Goa, though is not elite neither elegant but has wild charm of itself and hence attracts a large masses especially the hippies or anybody who believes in excessive liberalistic lifestyle.

Special features
  • Hippie crowd
  • Liberalistic atmosphere
  • Loads of drinks
  • Plenty of music
  • Open night long
  • Open on all days
  • Soft trance music
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This is a nightclub where you will get it all- complete norm breaking and extreme liberalism with trance music; all kinds of disparity from other classy pubs are available here.

Last Updated on:February 17, 2012